Authors, publicists, and anyone who wants to give me books: please read the following page to make sure your novel is for me. Thank you.

Mint Novels is an all-over reading blog, with interviews, reviews, writing, discussions, randomness, and more. Primarily, it is a young adult and new adult review site, but I also review some adult and middle-grade books. My reviews are 100% honest and critical, and I do not recieve any compensation for them.

If you wish to contact me about a review, please email me at mintnovels@gmail.comwith a synopsis, a pitch to make arrangements for review, the release date and a link to the Goodreads page.


When I post a review, I will post my honest opinion and how I feel about each book I read. I do not intend for my reviews to be hurtful, so if the book is not appealing or I am unable to finish it, I believe it would be unfair for me to post a DNF (did-not-finish) review on my blog. In this case, I will notify whoever contacted me.

If there is a specific time frame that you would like me to read your book by, please include that in your email and I will try my hardest to do so. Due to school and other events, I may not be able to read your book in the time frame given, but I’ll definitely try my best. Once I have published my review, I will contact whomever requested the review with a link to the review when it has been posted.

When I post a review it will include a picture of the cover, a synopsis from Goodreads, my honest opinion in at least four paragraphs, a rating out of five, a link to where it can be purchased and some of my favorite non-spoiler quotes.


1. Realistic/Contemporary

2. Mental Health

3. Romance

4. Fantasy

5. Historical Fiction

6. Mystery


1. Horror

2. Religious

3. Biographies/Autobiographies

4. Erotica


I will not change my rating or review once posted.

I do not read books in a series out of order. Please don’t send me a sequel unless you are able to send the proceeding installments or know that I have read the previous novel(s).

I prefer hardcover or paperback to review, but a Kindle (aka a .mobi) version is fine. I also will take PDFs.

If I receive an ARC, I will try to post my review the week before or the week of its release, but there is no guarantee.

I gladly will take requests from self-published authors.

My reviews are always spoiler free, but if I am reviewing a sequel then there will be some spoilers from the previous books.


Thank you very much for taking the time to consider all of my different choices and needs if you wish to send me a book for review. If you find your book is in a genre that I’m not accepting, or it doesn’t fit some other requirement, feel free to send me an email anyways and I may be more open to your suggestion.